September 1, 2016. | San Ramon, California

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What Makes You A Good Engineer Won’t Give You A Successful Technical Career!

Steven Cerri, engineer, scientist, entrepreneur, and communication expert shows technical professionals how the traits that make them good technologists are the same traits keeping them from achieving successful long-term careers... and how to remove this double bind.

What: Newly published book titled:

The Fully Integrated Engineer
Combining Technical Ability and Leadership Prowess

by Steven T. Cerri

Published as part of the IEEE/Wiley IEEE PCS Professional Engineering Communication Series

Steven T. Cerri, engineer, scientist, and entrepreneur is teaching Millennials to Baby Boomers how to create long-term, successful technical careers.

College teaches students to be good engineers. But it’s likely that most college engineering courses don’t have the time to teach engineering students how to effectively contribute their ideas to the organization once they enter the workforce or how to successfully transition to management or leadership. This means that engineers entering the workforce (Millennials and their managers listen up!) are competent at finding solutions to technical problems but are not well suited to making those solutions effectively available to the organization.

College teaches how to be a “flash in the pan” technical success but not how to develop a productive, cooperative, and successful long-term career.

Steven's book provides engineers, scientists, and technologists with those missing tools.

Who: Steven T. Cerri, founder of STCerri International – an international training, consulting, and coaching company—helps thousands of technical professionals enhance communication, management, and leadership skills. Well known in industry associations including AIAA, ASME, and IEEE, he has managed both government and commercial organizational teams.

Mr. Cerri earned an MBA at Pepperdine University, an MS in Geophysics at University of Southern California, and a BS in Aeronautical Engineering at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. He received the Outstanding Professor Award at UC Santa Barbara and contributed to the IEEE book, The Balanced Engineer: Essential Ideas for Career Development.

Why:   “Over the course of my career I have observed that engineers, scientists, and technologists acquire behaviors and traits that make them good at their technical work, but invariably sabotage their long-term careers. I wrote this book specifically to address those issues. And with the difficulties young people are having integrating into the current work environment, I think this book will be especially helpful to a new generation of technical professionals.

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