Here Are A Few Words People Have Said In Praise of Steven Cerri’s Work

Ba Nguyen, Manager, QVS Engineering, A Premier Medical Device Company

"I have taken a training course from Steven and I have had him as a coach and he is unique in both areas.  Not only does Steven understand the world of the engineer, scientist, and technologist, but he also understands the worlds of managers and leaders. This combination makes him unique when it comes to his ability to merge different disciplines and to understand just what technical people need in order to become more effective and successful.

"Steven is also refreshing in that he does not deal in theories. He deals in things that work and can be applied now. One of the most valuable aspects of Steven’s trainings and coaching is that you get concrete, immediately applicable tools. As Steven often says, 'If I haven’t used what I’m teaching you successfully myself, you won’t hear about it.'" 

Christine Kopec-Testolini, CEO, Avante Leadership Group

Christine Kopec-Testolini"The Fully Integrated Engineer: Combining Technical Ability and Leadership Prowess by Steven Cerri, is an eye-opening journey for the technical person who wishes to understand key communication issues that may be hampering personal success at work.  Steven Cerri offers a thorough analysis of the most common communication stumbling blocks experienced by engineers or scientists. His "Limiting Belief Cycles" and "Gems of Wisdom" are brilliant new ways for technologists to approach how they perceive and relate to others. 

'Having worked with Steven for over twenty years, I can positively say that he is an example of a technical person who has become a master communicator. He teaches what he practices in everyday life! In The Fully Integrated Engineer: Combining Technical Ability and Leadership Prowess, Steven offers many of the insights and tools he learned to become as confident with his 'people' skills as he is with his technical expertise."

Professor Gary S. Hansen, Former Associate Dean, College of Engineering, UC Santa Barbara 

Gary S. Hansen, Former Associate Dean, College of Engineering, UC Santa Barbara"I have researched, taught and developed managers and leaders for technology driven companies for over 30 years. As a professor at the University of Washington I created a technology entrepreneurship program, lead The Boeing Corporation’s aerospace management development program, worked with Microsoft and dozens of other highly competitive organizations, and developed curriculum, built faculty teams and taught at the MBA, PhD and executive levels. But it was while I was serving as the Associate Dean for Technology Management and building denovo its now world-class masters and PhD level programs, that I had the gift of meeting Mr. Cerri. In all my work, I have never experienced a management faulty member as effective as Mr. Cerri. If education in its broadest sense is to improve one’s understanding and interactions with the world, then Steven is a highly effective educator and his 'model' for leadership is a wonderful and significant contribution to the management field.

"In 2003, I asked six of my best engineering students to take Mr. Cerri’s class “So You Want to Be a Technology Manager.” All tried to avoid the 'unnecessary' course, claiming they had intensely busy schedules. All of them entered the class convinced that it would be their lowest priority and provide little if any value. In fact, each of those students came to me individually and reported halfway through the term that Steven Cerri’s class was by far the most important class they had taken at University, period!  'Why?' I asked. Because for the first time they had begun to understand themselves and in that knowledge caught a glimpse of how they could better understand others. Further, they had learned how to use that knowledge and insight to increase and improve their effectiveness – their relations with their lab improved, their achievements increased, they had more confidence in their abilities and set higher personal goals. They found others were accepting their 'leadership.'

"I am not claiming Steven is a miracle worker. He is, however, an astute researcher of human behavior and a brilliant communicator. By having us focus our attention on developing models, and seeing the causal links between beliefs, attention, and emotional and physiological states, we can develop the tools and skills to lead highly technical and complex project, groups, and organizations. If one reads Steven’s book and works to practice the wisdom, she or he will become a much more effective and powerful leader and significantly increase his/her own value within the organization."

Leslie Buchanan, Program Manager at a large, high technology aerospace and commercial products company 

"One of Steven’s strengths as a management coach is his ability to help me shift my perspective to achieve win/win outcomes. Shifting perspectives is exactly what this book is all about. In my case, with the benefit of two stories from Steven’s experience, I was able to frame an unexpected developmental test issue in a constructive light for my team and customer, leading to the delivery of compliant flight hardware and a very satisfied customer."

Mark Andrews, Lead engineer, Savvius 

"Having been both a practicing software engineer and a project manager – as employee and as business owner – I’ve come to appreciate the challenge of effective management and team leadership. The skills needed to be successful in a technical management role are generally not taught in college engineering curriculums, and all too often no formal leadership development program exists in our workplaces. Phrases like 'effective management' can be read as 'good at human relationships when playing the role of manager.' Steven’s work presents an approach to understanding human relationships that is focused towards an audience of technical managers, but contains wisdom valuable in our other relationships as well. I wish I had come across Steven’s work as I was transitioning into technical management many years ago!

Uma Verma, Aeronautical Engineer 

"When I shook Steven’s hand, I had no idea I was meeting one of the finest mentors I’d ever have.

"Steven’s advice is simple and relevant and it has fundamentally changed the way I approach my entire career. He helped me understand that flexibility combined with a passion for learning make for a valuable employee. I also learned about the stark difference between people who remain focused solely on the technical aspect of their career and those who practice positive collaboration. The invaluable wisdom Steven shared with me has given me a passion for continuous learning, the application of which has helped me join aerospace projects that inspire me to get up in the morning.

"There is no doubt that what you read here will propel your career to new and exciting places, but what strikes me most about Steve’s work is not the professional success that naturally follows after incorporating his advice, it’s the joy you will find in yourself.

"Thank you so, so much."


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