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1   What You Learned in College is Limiting Your Growth as a Technology Professional
          This book is your safety net

2    Why Should You Read A Book By Me? Or... Why Is This Book Important Now?

3    If You Are an Engineering or Technical Manager, Read This

4    Is Free Will Truly “Free”?
          Do you choose what you eat?
          A Hypothetical Situation That Is Very Real
          Personal Behavioral Subroutines
          Limiting Beliefs and Personal Behavioral Subroutines
          Just for Managers
          Personal Subroutines Can Help as Well as Hinder Functionality
          Turning Limiting Beliefs into Successes Using Gems of Wisdom

5    The Way You Change
          Engineering is Easy. It Is the People That Are Difficult
          Humans Are Just Satellites on Earth
          The model of Human Behavior: The Four Stages to Action
          What Makes an Inspiring Speech?
          Close the Loop
          A Real-World Example
          Changing Behavior Requires That You Push the Right “Button"
          How Difficult Is it to Loose Weight?

6    The Origin of the 15 Limiting Beliefs and the 15 Gems of Wisdom

7    How To Use This Book and The Structure of Chapters 9 through 23

8    How To Add Any Gem of Wisdom To Your Map of the World

9    Ideas as identity: Career-Limiting Belief #1
          “My ideas are my identity. I must fight for my ideas."
          Add Gem of Wisdom #1

10    Being right: Career-Limiting Belief #2
          “I’m supposed to be right.”
          Add Gem of Wisdom #2

11    What versus How: Career-Limiting Belief #3
          “What I say is much more important than how I say it.”
          Add Gem of Wisdom #3

12    Avoiding Shoptalk: Career-Limiting Belief #4
          “I’ll avoid the difficult interpersonal conversations long enough for them to just go away.”
          Add Gem of Wisdom #4

13    I’ll Do My Own Work: Career-Limiting Belief #5
           “I assume my coworkers are professionals and will do their jobs well, so I’ll stick to my own work.”
           Add Gem of Wisdom #5

14    Ducking delegation: Career-Limiting Belief #6
          “I love my technical work. If I delegate and the person runs into trouble, I will just pick up the pieces myself.”
          Add Gem of Wisdom #6  

15    I’ll do what I like: Career-Limiting Belief #7
          “I want to do what interests me, not necessarily what is strategically important.”
          Add Gem of Wisdom #7

16    Inconsiderate communication: Career-Limiting Belief #8           
          “I do not want to change myself just to talk to non-technical people.”
          Add Gem of Wisdom #8

17    Limited visionary: Career-Limiting Belief #9
          “I do not have to think systemically. I am paid only to do my task.” 
          Add Gem of Wisdom #9

18    Being persistently consistent: Career-Limiting Belief #10
          “What got me here, will get me there.”
          Add Gem of Wisdom #10

19    Pursuing perfection: Career-Limiting Belief #11
          “It is important to make my product, task, or deliverable perfect.”
          Add Gem of Wisdom #11

20    You are not the teacher: Career-Limiting Belief #12
          “Non-specialists need to know everything I know.”
          Add Gem of Wisdom #12

21    Withholding expertise: Career-Limiting Belief #13
          “It is wise to withhold information in order to maintain control and influence.”
          Add Gem of Wisdom #13

22    Bluntness as a virtue: Career-Limiting Belief #14
          Limiting Belief #14:  “I should be blunt because being blunt is being honest, and being honest is being accurate with data.”
          Add Gem of Wisdom #14

23    The Fixer: Career-Limiting Belief #15
          Limiting Belief #15:  “I should look for what is wrong and what will not work because I am here to fix problems.”
          Add Gem of Wisdom #15

24    A Parting Letter From Steven

Further Reading, 177
Biography of Steven T. Cerri, 179
Index, 181


Browse the Book 
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.... Table of Contents, vii
.... Foreword, xi
.... Note from the Editor, xiii
.... Preface, xv
.... Acknowledgments, xvii
.... Chapter 1

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